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What's Corner Stone?

A collaborative program providing essential daily living support to cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their families.

Who's a Corner Stone?

If you have cancer, YOU ARE.
If a member of your immediate family has cancer, YOU ARE.
If you work or volunteer in the program, YOU ARE.
If you’re a partner in the healthcare community, YOU ARE.
If you donate to the program, YOU ARE.

What does Corner Stone do?

· A complimentary Y membership to cancer survivors and their families for one year (with extended options for those still receiving treatment).
· Access to all of our member benefits and specialized programs to help those with cancer and recovering from cancer build strength and a sense of community.
· A complimentary week of summer camp for all children in the family enrolled in the program.
· A schedule of special drop-in babysitting for parents who are currently in treatment.
· A non-clinical environment where you and your family can feel comfortable and supported.

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